You Are Welcome Here.

We invite you to experience life at Alden UMC. Warm, welcoming, caring, open, involved, genuine, and accepting are some of the words that people have used to describe Alden Church. At Alden United Methodist Church, we work hard to create an environment where people can experience God within a supportive Christian community. Our membership is drawn from all walks of life throughout the Antrim County area. We are a church of all ages and stages, from young to old, married or single.

We understand the purpose of church to be threefold:

  • To help people find a relationship to Christ that is authentic and life-changing
  • To help people to grow and mature in faith
  • To help people discover and utilize their own gifts for ministry in every day life

An important part of our purpose is to gather, grow, and go. We invite you to join us and experience life at Alden UMC!

“This is my extended family. They care for how we are doing as a couple, and how we are doing individually and spiritually. Hugs and smiles are a regular part of greetings here, and the warmth is palpable.”

– Diane N.

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